Hunts River Fish ladder

Hunts River Fish ladder
Hunts river fish ladder Rumford R.I Is one of my favorite places to walk.along the rivers edge and find all the little nucks and crannys to seek out the fish.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Looking back, At Sabins Point..

What I went through to catch this little fish, Thanks Wayne for taking the photo
Looking back at Sabin Point       It was Aug 09 and one of my best Summer on shore fishing years ever, Catching at least 1 keeper fish a day, and then this one morning for the life of me, I could not hook a fish, Bite after Bite it was driving me Nutty, Finally I smartened up and changed from a 2/0 stripper hook to a size 4 scup  hook, The larger the number the smaller the hook gets, still no luck I switched to a size 6 then size 8 and finally using a size 10.              This hook is so small it fits in the size of a pinky finger nail. Now when you Love fishing as much as I do, The Moral of the Story goes, Its not how Big the fish is, Its about How much fun it was catching, And a Life time Memory, Thank You Wayne flodin  for taking the photo,  Its almost Spring of 2017, I'm getting itchy feet wanting to go out,  March is the start of white perch fishing, Its time to get salt and fresh water licenses... Hope to See You out there. Here is a link to Sabin Point, If you should ever Travel to Rhode Island.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Shut Up And Fish.

I know its been a while since my last post, But like I said my Blog Is Not all about Fishing, This was a Surprise Blue Channel catfish, I caught  in Turner Reservoir, Rumford, R.I. They are not Native to this little lake, So they had to come from upstream in Massachusetts Ten Mile River system, I've also caught smaller ones just up the road above the small dam system at Pawtucket Country Club, And I've also caught them South of Turner Reservoirs, Large  dam, I'm just curious to find out, who and how they got Introduced, But We aren't Complaining, So far the largest one I've seen was almost 6 lbs. I really can't wait to see just how big these cats are going to get in size, But any how I found another Video  So I'll leave it at this... SHUT UP AND FISH... ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I was reading this morning on googles local news reports for where I live, And to my Surprise there is a article on the Restocking of Trout in the Ten Mile River basin, There use to be trout there a long time ago before my time growing up and fishing there, But in the past 5 years the State of Rhode Island has been Installing Fish ladders on the Ten Mile to help bring back the herring population, The First ladder is located at the southern end of James V Turner Reservoir, That is a very tall water fall system, And the second fish ladder is located a the Hunt House River basin, That Is The Cover Shot Photo on My Blog,  And the third is located further down stream at Omega Pond, That is also a very tall water fall fish ladder that flows into the Seekonk River that is part of Narragansett Bay.

I guess the state is going to have to update the Fish Species sign and add Trout and Channel Catfish to the list Because Channel Cats  have should up some how, ever since they started the fish ladder project. And we love fishing for them also catch and release, It is Great to have and Be Part of such a State that Really cares about its water sheds. rivers and Bay Estuaries, Rhode Island (Rocks).. 

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Spring is here, Time to start your own Compost garden
Well its Officially Spring time, Good time to start your garden and worm compost,  Plus all the benefits you will get by raising your own worms, Free fertilizer for your house, garden plants and shrubs. plus y'all have worms for life for fishing, They also have meal worms for feeding to your reptiles,and other great deals on other products, So go check them out
Or just supply your self for the entire fishing season

Monday, March 14, 2016

Spring Fishing

Normally I don't fish after Dec 20th of any given year, because its like a light switch goes off and the fish go into dormancy mode, At least that's how it is here in Rhode Island for me, My fresh water season starts with white and yellow perch fishing they seem to start showing up around the first week in march. Its as if someone threw the light switch on, and Bam they white perch season is in full swing for at least a month or so, Lots of people will show up and fish shoulder to shoulder at times on the bridge, Because the white perch are so abundant during this time period, and the children also have a great experience learning how to fish, and where there food comes from in some cases, They say if you teach a person to fish, They will feed them selves for a life time, So True..  Then the Large Mouth Bass will start to wake up with all this warming water action going on and the great abundance of prey on their list, And before you know it, Its Bass and Carp season for Me, There is only one thing better than catching a big large mouth bass, and that's Catching a Freight Train of a Carp, On ultra light gear with 6 lb test line. If you haven't tried it you should. In the photo, Look close at the size of the Yellow Perch, I was using for bait Just above my left nee, The perch was at least six inches long, First I hooked the Perch, Then I live lined it with my other ultra light setup, To Catch this Massive Large Mouth Bass, That's One of My biggest Bass Yet to this Date 2016.